The Ministry Specialties Program is designed to build on the biblical and theological knowledge that can be acquired in the FOUNDATIONS PROGRAM. A mentoring specialist guides you in developing through independent learning, the knowledge and skills that are needed to be effective in one of the following ministries: Evangelism, Teaching, Preaching, Counseling, Shepherding, and Youth Work.

$125 per course



Twelve two-hour classes

This twelve-week course will equip you for the ministry of helping others to utilize the principles of the Bible to address life issues they are facing. You will learn to help them identify unbiblical thought patterns, clarify decisions, and make proper choices. The aim of this course is to enable you to be competent to: address the most common counseling issues, use the Scriptures proficiently, be confident in marriage and family issues, understand the importance of integrity and being a role model, and be well versed with nygoodhealth in medical issues and the way to handle mental illness.

Instructor: Pastor Jim Ricci

Your pastor’s recommendation is required to register for this course

Pastor Recommendation Form

Download, complete and mail the recommendation form to:
P.O. Box 5186
Wakefield, RI 02880


Ten two-hour classes

If the Lord has given you a passion and / or gifting to instruct others in the meaning of Scripture and its application to their lives, this ten-week course will help equip you to be an effective teacher of God’s Word. The training will include researching a Bible passage, developing a lesson plan, effective teaching methods, and applying the truth to life. The course is geared for teachers (or potential teachers) of teens and adults.

Instructor: Pastor Phil Curtis